Introduction of the CSS

Chinese Society for Stereology (CSS) is a Chinese non-profit academic organization concerning with research, instrument development and applications on Stereology, images analysis, computer tomography, simulation, virtual reality and related disciplines. The aims of the CSS are to popularize and develop Stereology, image analysis, computer tomography, simulation, virtual reality and related science and technology, to enhance the quality and application level of related instruments and apparatus, leading to more achievements, more talented persons, more contributions to china’s science, technology, economy, and modernization. The CSS was proposed to be founded at the First National Conference on Image Analysis held at Guanxian County, Sichuan Province in November, 1991, and officially established on June 12, 1987 under authorization of the National Science and Technology Committee of China. The academic affairs of CSS are currently under supervision of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, and registered at the Ministry of Civil Administration of China. more

What is ISS?

ISS is a well established international scientific society aiming to promote stereology and image analysis in a wide range of disciplines.

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